EW Villa Medica

SINCE 1963


EW VILLA MEDICA is a global healthcare group, an integration of two leading experts in Advanced Cell Therapy – VILLA MEDICA and EUROPEAN WELLNESSTM. This synergy builds a greater depth of expertise and acumen for EW Villa Medica into being ‘the premium medical tourism destination’ for optimum health and vitality. It offers the most advanced, comprehensive & personalized regenerative medicine and wellness solutions through integrating cell therapies, biomedical diagnostic and therapeutic devices.

It specializes in Regenerative & Bio-Molecular Medicine which has tremendous promise especially in treatment of chronic degenerative diseases, age-related diseases, anti-aging and rejuvenation.

EW VILLA MEDICA reflects the changing needs of the consumers today and recognizes that optimum health is all about being free from illness, being & looking youthful and holistic healing. Hence, it offers a several signature therapies in harmony with Innovative technologies, holistic methods and revolutionary knowhow to reverse age, redefine youth, renew illness and reinvent the quality of life.

EW VILLA MEDICA, the futuristic and fabulous wellness clinic has arrived.